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About Smalls to the Wall - Steep Creek Race 

RACE DAY SCHEDULE: Registration 9:00am to 11:am, Mandatory Racer Safety Meeting 11:30am, Race start at 12:00pm

RACE FORMAT: The race will be individual time trials. No mass start and no boatercross. Each participant will have two opportunities to run the course. Both runs will be added together for the racers overall combine time. The fastest combine time totals in each division wins. 


ATHLETE ELIGIBILITY: All participants must have previously run Smalls Falls or have had suitable experience on a similarly difficult section of water. Racers will sign an ATHLETE ELIGIBILITY FORM at the registration table day of, at the race.


*Event organizers reserve the right to deny any potential race entrant at their discretion.


EQUIPMENT: Athletes must be equipped with the appropriate boat, gear and safety equipment sufficient to sustain whitewater race conditions. Plastic whitewater kayaks only & length must not exceed 12'6".


*Event organizers reserve the right to deny any boat to be used during the race at their discretion. Boat and gear must be checked-in at the registration desk, and required forms must be filled out.

*PLEASE NOTE - Due to the usage of a starting ramp at the start of the race, the insurance provider dictates that participants must be at least 18 years old. No minors.

ANDREW COOPER - Founder of Smalls to the Wall


  • Current ACA Members: $30.00 Registration Fee - insurance included

Current ACA members will receive temporary event insurance at no added cost. 

  • Non-ACA Members: $35.00 Registration/Insurance Fee

Non-current ACA members will pay $5 for the one time event insurance, on top of the $30 race registration fee (totaling $35). 

All registered participants will receive a t-shirt at check-in. Please have your ACA number handy if you are a current member.

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