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For more information about our sponsors, click on the image to view their website. 

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A huge THANKS to The Rangeley Inn for providing lodging for the race organizer during the 2020 race season! The Rangeley Inn is located just 11.7 miles from Smalls Falls, in the center of Rangeley.  Spend the evening, or the weekend, and enjoy first-rate hospitality.  Rangeley is a picturesque 4-season destination offering hiking, biking, boating, paddling, hunting, fishing, skiing, snowmobiling, and much more - alongside authentic Maine restaurants, shops, galleries, and museums.  Use promo code Smalls20 to book your stay and save 10%:

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Pit Viper was founded on a simple principle - sunglasses that can take a beating. In the spring of 2012 founder, Chuck Mumford, was traveling to the Teton Mountains for a ski touring adventure. Sunglasses being a very important part of touring trips, Chuck had his current "high-end sport" sunglasses in tow which quickly broke and left him looking for more. He started developing Pit Vipers in the Spring of 2012 as a rugged product that could be shot, sat on, shoved in pockets, run over, and mostly maintain their sun and wind bucking ability. Through the spring the tests were successful and it was time to give them some attitude. Being an accomplished artist, Chuck began painting the PV's to match his extreme lifestyle, and they looked damn good. Bottom line is that Pit Vipers may look like the most incredible thing in decades, but they are also highly functional sunglasses. They are the optimal blend of style and performance. Stoked to have Pit Viper on board with Smalls to the Wall 2020!

Level Six is a Canadian company born in 1997 and bred on the banks of the Ottawa River. Designed in Ottawa and tested on the water all over the world, they strive to provide the best paddling equipment and gear possible to make your paddling experience complete. Whether you are playing on the river, scouting the next descent, touring the cove, challenging yourself with a new SUP yoga pose or just hanging out at the lake; Level Six promises to keep you comfortable, technically sound, and outlasting trends.

Level Six has been a long time sponsor, providing quality rescue and safety gear. For the 2020 season, they have also agreed to sign on as our official apparel sponsor, providing all race tee's. Huge thanks to the team at Level Six for your continued support of Smalls to the Wall! 

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The goal of Outdoor Tech® from the beginning has been to address the ever growing issue of blending a modern lifestyle in the age of mobile technology with the drive to be outdoors. The evolution of Outdoor Tech has been shaped by this constant push and pull, to stay connected but not tethered. Their blood boils with design, style and creation. From the magical home of Southern California, Outdoor Tech aims to create products that serve real needs. Go forth and play. 

Malone Auto Racks is a privately owned rack accessory and leading sports trailer company located just outside Portland, Maine with a track record of 18+ years of industry leadership and innovation. Their products are sold in over 2,500 retail stores located throughout the United States, Canada, South America, Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Operating from the Coast of Maine has helped Malone Auto Racks stay true to their mission and value system. Everything they produce must be Affordable to Buy, Easy to Install and Simple to Use. All of Malone Auto products are built to enhance customers' enjoyment of the outdoors while minimizing their carbon footprint. 

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Sarge's Sports Pub is an awesome bar and restaurant, serving great food and drinks, with fast and friendly service. Sarge's is definitely a must stop when you are in Rangeley. Smalls to the Wall has frequently held it's race after-gathering at Sarge's and is excited to do so again this year, spring 2020!

hoodoo logo.png

Hoodoo sports is a family owned business that was started in 2019 to provide high quality, mid-range priced outdoor equipment to those who want to enjoy the outdoors, but don’t want to break the bank to do it. With Hoodoo Sports, the customers always come first. They pride themselves on world class customer service and genuinely desire to build relationships with their customers.  Hoodoo wants to offer their customers  the best possible outdoors experience. Hoodoo u trust for outdoors?


Pyranha is a manufacturer of specialist white water kayaks designed by their international team and built in Britain. Pyranha Kayaks are designed and built to the highest standards to be used by the most demanding paddlers on rivers across the world for river running, creek boating and freestyle kayaking. Smalls to the Wall is proud to have Pyranha as a sponsor of the 2020 race.


The Turtlebox mission is to make the LOUDEST, rugged, portable speaker in the Market that is specifically built for the outdoors. 


The first Turtlebox was born out of necessity. After breaking every “loud” product on the market through routine outdoor use, the idea of the Turtlebox was born in a garage, not as a business but just for personal use. Nothing else could get the job done.


Most portable speakers aren’t actually meant for the outdoors and can’t withstand the elements, the ones that can aren’t loud enough to be heard. When you’re at the beach or on an ATV, you need sound to carry in order to hear it over the wind, waves, and boat engines, you need a Turtlebox.

watershed logo.jpg

Watershed was founded in 1995 with a singular mission: build waterproof bags in the USA that adventurers could trust to keep their most cherished possessions dry under any conditions. The Watershed bag ZipDry closure system has been tested by the US Navy to 100 meters submersion without any leakage whatsoever. Watershed bags are low maintenance, rugged, and extremely waterproof. They’re built for everything from social outings to survival situations. Hands down the best and last drybag you will ever need to buy.

Both NRS and WRSI manufacture high-quality safety and rescue gear that whitewater paddlers rely on, world-wide.


In 1972, with only $2,000 in his personal savings, Bill Parks started Northwest River Supplies with one mission: to help others raft. 42 years later, Bill sold NRS to its employees. Today, the 100% employee-owned business strives to continue Bill’s legacy helping people pursue passions on the water.


WRSI was born from a commitment to providing paddlers with better safety gear, and has never wavered from that goal. True to their mission to keep more people safe, they have also kept the price of protection affordable.

RLHT logo.jpg

Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust was incorporated in 1991 as a 501(c)3 conservation land trust. Its mission is to conserve and steward the natural and historical resources of the Rangeley Lakes Region for the benefit of the community and future generations. Staff and volunteers work closely together to maintain trails, inspect boats for invasive plants, and to inventory all of the native aquatic plants in the region's lakes and ponds. Thank you, Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust, for once again supporting Smalls to the Wall, opening up the restrooms, and allowing us to make this event great!

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Tumbledown Brewing is a small craft brewery located in Farmington, ME. They brew beer in small batches, but give it taste as big as the mountains that inspire them; enjoy one today!

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